Discontinue Your Unplanned Gestation With Abortion Pills

The decision of abortion is not as easy as it seems to be but it is the toughest decision any woman could have taken in her life. Jiva was just of 21 years when she experienced her first abortion. She was living in an outer city with her boyfriend. They were about to complete their 5 years of relationship and 2 years of physical relationship. In starting he used to have intimacy session using condoms, then after sometimes he started doing depending on the period tracker app. However, there was no guaranteed safety and this results in her pregnancy. She came to know about her pregnancy when she had completed 6 weeks of gestation. She was aware of the Home ABORTION PILL so she decided to go with it as she does not want everyone to know about her pregnancy. Abortion pills help her to discontinue her early gestation with an easy and simple procedure.
Discontinue Your Unplanned Gestation With Abortion PillsAbortion pills that are supposed to be the best alternative to the surgical abortion process are gaining an advantage in the field of terminating the gestation with an easy procedure. Any women due to her financial issues or social issues can easily afford this medication and end her undesired gestation before time. Abortion pills come in various brands depending on for what duration of gestation to be used:

Abortion pills meant for gestation under 7 weeks: RU486, Mifeprex, Mifegyne, Cytotec, and Korylm

Abortion pill meant for gestation under 9 weeks: MTP Kit (containing both Mifepristone and Misoprostol)

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are two active components of abortion pills. Mifepristone works by inhibiting the nutritional supply towards the fetus whereas Misoprostol makes the cervix walls smooth and easy to dilate and contract. The inhibition of supply brings the end of the growth and development of the fetus and smoothness of uterine wall makes it easy to expel the fetus out from the womb.

Medication procedure for Mifepristone (each 200 mg) containing pills:

Abortion pills like RU386, Mifegyne, Mifeprex, and Korylm are composed of Mifepristone as their active moiety. The accurate dosing for these pills includes consumption of 3 pills of brand orally with ample of water. After a count of two days, get yourself done with ultrasound to confirm abortion process. If still, you are pregnant, use two pills of Misoprostol and again after two days get yourself done with an ultrasound.

Medication procedure for Misoprostol (each 200 mcg) containing pills:

Abortion pills like Cytotec are composed of Misoprostol as its active constituent. Unpack the packet of 12 pills and form a cluster of four pills in three groups. After every 5 to 6-hour gap consume one cluster either orally or vaginally. After completing with all three batches she should wait for about 2 days and get herself done checked for abortion.

MTP Kit: Consume one pill of Mifepristone on the first day and three pills of Misoprostol on the third day. Do get yourself checked for the success of abortion after completion of the 14-day procedure.

Precautionary tips for using Abortion pills:

  • Say no to alcohol during medication period
  • Say no to terminate ectopic pregnancy with abortion pills
  • Say no to terminate pregnancy above 9 weeks from abortion pills
  • Say no to use these in girl under the age of 18 years

Side effects: Dizziness, drowsiness, headache, blurred vision, vaginal bleeding, mood swings, loss of libido, and irregularities in menstrual periods

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